A Bit Of A Stretch (Pardon The Track Pun)

Ervin Mears, Jr. is suing his son’s former Track Coach, Athletic Director, and School Board for what he says is a violation of Title IX.

Mawusimensah Mears was dropped from Sterling Regional High School’s Track team after coaches said the sophomore “missed too many practices”. Plantiffs say the school is in violation of Title IX which, the suit says, “prohibits a student from being excluded from…any educational program or activity that receives federal assistance.”

The father claims that his son missed practices because of a leg injury and a death in the family. Ervin Mears, Jr. is suing for $40 million and the cost of two varsity letters and championship jackets.

According to the Title IX law, a violation of Title IX must be based on exclusion because of gender. It seems that Mears wasn’t let go from the team because of his gender, but because of missed practices. I think it’s the coach’s discretion to keep a player or not. I also think that if the Mears family pursues this lawsuit as a Title IX violation, this case may just be a waste of resources, time and money.


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